Who Is Aleksandar Mastilovic?

Aleksandar is a globally recognized ICT expert, telecommunications engineer, scientist,  tech diplomat, innovative educator, and agitator for a sustainable and smart world and society for the 21st century.


My Story

As an engineer and scientist, I’m passionate about technologies and humanity’s progress, research, and science in the field of modern telecommunications, but also about developing product-market placement strategies and business models. I also introduce myself as a politician and businessman agitating for smart technologies for a smart society, building bridges between everyday lifestyles and new solutions based on modern devices and algorithms. As a result of my experience in government, business and academia, I am active in making global policy with United Nations agencies such as United Nations Development Program – UNDP and International Telecommunications Union – ITU, G20 Economic Alliance, World Business Angles Forum – WBAF, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer – IEEE, and many others, primarily focused on enabling modern technologies and set of services as Smart Cities, Smart Grid, Green ICT, and all other services aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Agenda 2030.algorithms.

Personal Message

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„Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life; it’s about what you inspire others to do.”


“Mr. Mastilovic is certainly a bright, hardworking and really enthusiastic person possesing a high level of research passion. I also noticed that he had ability to think creatively, and at the same time, had an eye for details.”

Dr. Ivo Kostic, Full Professor

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