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Thinking about telecommunications consulting? I am bringing you consulting advice to help you decide if the consultant you consider is right for you.

Consultants are usually exposed to a wide variety of experiences and are taught how to apply lessons learned in other situations to the ones at hand. Besides, consulting instills in its recruits an extraordinary amount of discipline and technique that they would be hard-pressed to gain at such an intense and focused level elsewhere.

The consultant can offer you incredible experiences and career prospects, while it doesn’t ask for a significant investment of your time and energy. Their services should be built upon industry-leading expertise. Through them, clients are able to streamline operations, expand capabilities and explore new opportunities using low-cost models. If you’re thinking about hiring a consultant, here are areas of services you should consider as you make your decision:

1. Your ideal consultant should be specialized in Mobile Virtual Network Operating (MVNO), supporting the launch & operation of globally Mobile Virtual Network Operations, bringing an unparalleled experience to bear on each project. This experience helps navigate the complexity of all types of MVNO.

2. A consultant should be best in the field of Software Building Solutions. Their Go-To-Market framework for MVNOs needs to be the result of extensive industry experience, ensuring that clients receive the best knowledge and insight available.

3. Because clients’ needs change over time, an ideal consultant should keep their commercial terms flexible, and needs to have a goal which is providing solutions that empower, with low setup costs and minimum resource allocation from clients.

4. Finally, an ideal consultant should offer clients a One-Stop-Shop consulting service, covering every stage of the delivery pathway, from ideation to live production and everything in between.

My pieces of advice are based on my experience as a Telecommunications Consultant. I have been in the telecommunication sector for more than 10 years now and I currently serve as an Expert Advisor to the Director-General at Communications Regulatory Agency of Bosnia-Herzegovina. I have fulfilled a number of roles in various functions during my time and made my way up the ladder during the course of time. I am passionate about telecommunications services and solutions, providing expert guidance to customers/partners. My addiction to the cutting edge technologies, together with the passion to deliver outstanding solutions is what drives me forward. Apart from work, I am a geek at heart and love exploring new technology and gadgets.

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