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Smart City Services

Smart City today is more than just a concept.
It represents a connected, agile and innovative city, that makes extensive use of IT and digital technology to embrace the challenge of improving the quality of life of citizens in towns and cities, and of boosting the economic attractiveness and tourism potential for local authorities and companies.

Innovative contribution with urban services for citizens

These days, citizens are expressing growing demand for real-time information and are seeking connectivity at all times, wherever they may be. They are becoming more and more involved in community life and are becoming community-spirited stakeholders in their towns and cities. Community applications ensure better proximity between citizens and their local authorities.


The Rutmap is a web and mobile-based urban services platform. It was created to make life easier for citizens and tourists and is designed to support them in their day-to-day lives. It gathers all relevant and useful information about the town (the geolocation of attractions and areas of interest, opening times of public services, bargains and money-saving information, traffic reports, canteen menus, environmental data, etc.) before enriching this information and relaying it in a simple and personalized manner. You can find out more about Rutmap by visiting

Supporting urban mobility

Supporting urban mobility – Quickly find a parking space
Simplifying journies is possible – by reducing the time spent looking for parking spaces. Being able to find a parking space quickly enables citizens to save time and also keep traffic levels down. With the Smart Parking solution, roadside parking spaces are equipped with wireless sensors, making it possible to identify unoccupied spaces and relaying this information instantly to – drivers using a mobile application.
When we talk about Smart Parking Solutions – there comes “Nanobile” . Nanobile offers Business-to-Government (B2G) solution. to help people and cities with the ever-growing parking problem. Traffic congestions, time-wasting, and air pollution are some of the aspects of this problem. Even if we need advanced options as a reservation for a parking slot in advance with automatic payment, it is included in this domestic solution. You can find out more about Nanobile by visiting
“Flux Vision”
Optimizing your infrastructure assets is possible – with better knowledge of travel flows in your area. Having reliable indicators available makes it possible to improve and to boost the fluidity of population flows. This “Big Data” solution instantly processes millions of pieces of technical information from mobile networks into statistical indicators that analyze visitor numbers in specific geographical areas and track population movements.

Welcoming the challenge of data

The growth of networks, Big Data and the explosion in the Internet of Things are all factors that are central to the smart city of tomorrow. They allow for improved urban management and a more detailed analysis of the expectations of both citizens and tourists, not only by obtaining and analyzing real-time information but also through statistical and predictive analyses.
Modified services
They make it possible to develop services adapted to urban requirements and to users’ needs and expectations. The data is derived from the town’s infrastructure and facilities such as public lighting, traffic lights at intersections, car parks, waste management, etc., which become massively connected thanks to the Internet of Things, but also through the town’s information systems, in addition to those of its partners and the community applications they operate.

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