Smart City: Expectations vs. Reality [Infographic]

When it comes to Smart Cities – do your expectations match reality?

Earlier these days, I shared a post about trends in the Information Technology industry on my Instagram account, where I mentioned that we are used to smartphones, smart cars, smart TVs, and even smart meters… But are we ready for whole smart cities? By now, we have Alexa and Google Home increasing our connectivity behind closed doors, but what happens when we step outside? 

For the past few years, as the popularity of the Internet of Things has increased, the disscusion around smart cities have grown louder. Whether you’re talking about climate changes, growing populations or urban booming, smart cities are expected to build a better future.

Smart City: reality check

Smart City plans can be really marvelous, but the reality has yet to live up the expectations. If we are truly going to build smart cities, the budget remains to be of biggest concerns – when it comes to making the imagined reality.

The everyday lives of people living in countless cities are being made easier, more fulfilling and more secure, even though the transformation of our cities has barely begun. Looking forward, as citizens’ expectations grow, urban populations continue to expand, energy efficiency and sustainability rise in and government systems are upgraded over time, the pace of progress and innovation isn’t likely to let up.

Don’t forget, the evolution of smart cities needs more than technology. Continued progress depends critically on the right relationship between the two primary groups of players, most directly involved in building solutions to meet the rising needs and expectations of citizens: government authorities, and the private-sector partners. They help to turn their vision of connected, efficient, 24×7 citizen services into reality.

Do you agree?

The time has come for Governments, developers and businesses to take notice of what a smart city will really mean for the people who have to exist in them. As our everyday lives become more and more connected, we  have to hope that we are ready for it.

Let’s be honest, the population today is more tech-savvy than ever before, and so are we – living a smarter life. By the time those in charge have made the final decisions, the tech has already moved on – and so have people using it.

Smart cities might be the future, but instead of asking are we ready for smart cities, maybe we should be asking if smart cities can keep with us?

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