Expert Adviser to the Director General at Communications Regulatory Agency of Bosnia-Herzegovina


Working Experience

Expert Advisor to the Director-General Communications Regulatory Agency Bosnia and Herzegovina · Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina · 12/2017–Present
Research Assistant, EU Marie Curie Fellow University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences · Novi Sad, Serbia · 11/2014–11/2017
Teaching and Research Assistant University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Electrical Engineering · Zmaja od Bosne NN, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina · 12/2009–10/2014

Professional / Industry Experience

Lead External Expert on UNDP Bosnia and Herzegovina Project in City Mind Lab Initiative - Smart Public Lights for the City of Sarajevo, Energis NGO · Sarajevo, B&H · 07/2019–present
External Expert on EU Med Esmartcity project - Smart Public Lighting System, Development Agency of the East Sarajevo City · East Sarajevo, B&H · 05/2018–present
Volunteer Expert on Smart Cities in the City Mind Lab Initiative for Sarajevo Smart City, UNDP Bosnia and Herzegovina · Sarajevo, B&H · 06/2018–present
Volunteer Expert on Diaspora for Development at the College of Computer Science and Business Communications eMPIRICA Tuzla, UNDP Bosnia and Herzegovina · Tuzla, B&H · 06/2018–06/2019
External Expert on NATO NICS Project, Ministry of Security Bosnia and Herzegovina · Sarajevo, B&H · 07/2017–12/2017
External Expert and Trainer on Smart Cities, Friedrich Naumann Foundation. · Belgrade, Serbia · 09/2014–present
Head of Telecommunications Department, ELZAS Motorola B&H d.o.o. · Sarajevo, B&H · 06/2004–08/2014
Lead Engineer at the Institute for Telecommunications, Faculty of Electrical Engineering University of Sarajevo · Sarajevo, B&H · 06/2004–08/2014

Research Experience

Research Assistant, EU Project ADVANTAGE - Telecommunications Research Group, University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences, - 11/2014-11/2017
Research Assistant, Department of Telecommunications, University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Electrical Engineering,09/2006-10/2014

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant, University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics 1, Mathematics 2, Probability and Statistics, RF Communications, Computer Networks, Cybersecurity and Basics Cryotography, 06/2006-10/2014
Lecturer, School of ICT Engineering Logos - Bisce Polje, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Fundamentals on Computer Networks, Security and Privacy, Fundamentals on Legal Framwework and Regulations for ICT Systems, 09/2018-Present

Invited Talks

Energy Summit Trebinje, SET 2020, · 1st Regional Forum on Energy Management · Topic: Smart Cities: Digital Transformation for New Business Opportunities · March 5-6, 2020 · Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina
INFOSEK 2019, · 4th Regional Forum on Innovation Technology and Entrepreneurship · Topic: Smart Tech- nologies for Smart Society: Is the Cybersecurity a Key Enabler for the 4th Industrial Revolution · November 27-29, 2019 · Nova Gorica, Slovenia
Sarajevo Unlimited 2019, · 4th Regional Forum on Innovation Technology and Entrepreneurship · Topic: Smart Cities for Smart Society · October 22-24, 2019 · Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
IEEE FOAN 2019, International Conference on Fiber Optics in Access Networks · Topic: Smart Cities: The Road to Urban Living in 21st Century · September 02-05, 2019 · Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
IEEE CESYPC 2019 · IEEE Central European Students and Young Professionals Congress 2019 · Topic: How to Effectively Launch Your Career · July 02-04, 2019 · Novi Sad, Serbia
Pantheon Conference on Digital Transformation 2019, · Digitalization for Business Management · Topic: Digital Transformation in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Opportunities and Obstacles · May 23, 2019 · Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
TEDxFerhadija, · Brain Force One · Topic: Smart Cities for Smart Society · March 09, 2019 · Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Smart Cities Festival 2018, · One Step Closer to Responsive and Sustainable Cities · Topic: Smart Cities for Smart Society · October 19-21, 2018 · Belgrade, Serbia
IEEE Day 2017, · IEEE Day 2017 · Topic: IEEE: Benefits and Opportunities · October 03, 2017 · Zagreb, Croatia

Service and Leadership Activities

IEEE, Publications Services and Products Board (PSPB) Member, Representative of Young Professionals International · 01/2017–present
IEEE, Young Professionals Board Member, Representative of PSPB International · 01/2017–present
IEEE, Conference Committee, Representative of PSPB International · 01/2019–present
IEEE, Technical Program Integrity Committee, Representative of PSPB International · 01/2019–present
IEEE, Industry Engagement Committee Member International · 01/2017–01/2018
IEEE, Platform Guidance Working Group International · 01/2017–present
IEEE, Internet of Things Standards Steering Committee, International · 01/2017–present
IEEE, Mobile App Working Group International · 06/2018–present
IEEE, Chair of Young Professionals Bosnia and Herzegovina International · 06/2012–06/2016
IEEE, General Secretary of Communications Society Bosnia and Herzegovina, International · 06/2012–06/2016
IEEE, Region 8 (EMEA - Europe, Middle East, Africa) YP Representative of Communi- cations Society International · 09/2012–09/2014


University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences, 11/2014 - Present

Ph. D. Candidate (3 years), Telecommunications / Electrical Engineering

University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, 09/2010-07/2016

M. Sc. / Mr. Sci (2 year), Telecommunications - Electrical Engineering

University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, 09/2002-07/2009

B. Sc. / Dipl. Ing. (5 years), Telecommunications - Electrical Engineering


Languages: Matlab (favorite), C, C++, Python 100%
OSc, Servers, Databases: Unix, Linux, Apache, Windows (desktop and servers) 100%
Hardware Small Computers: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Onion 100%

Honors and Awards

IEEE Communications Society, Top30 Ph.D. students worldwide in Telecommunications in 2015.

Reviewer Activities

Journals Elsevier International Journal of Electronics and Communications
Conferences IEEE BIHTEL (2010, 2012, 2014, 2016), IEEE ICC (2016)


BH Internet Governance Forum (BHIGF), Organization Committee (2012,2018)
Performed administrative tasks at IEEE BIHTEL , Organization Committee (2010, 2012, 2014)
IEEE SYPC 2016, Organization Committee (2016)
Friedrich Naumann Foundation, External Expert for Smart Cities (2014–present)
BH Future Foundation, Executive Committee Member (December 2016–December 2018)

Professional / Industry Certificates

Mikrotik MTCNA, 1212NA112
Mikrotik MTCRE, 1212RE080
Mikrotik MTCWE, 1408WE026
HAM Radio, CEPT-1, Call Sign: E74MA
ITU Certified Expert on National Cybersecurity Strategy Design

About Me

As an engineer and scientist, I’m passionate about ICT technologies, research, and science in the field of modern telecommunications, but also about developing product-market placement strategy and business models. Aside from that, sometimes, I also introduce myself as a politician and businessman agitate for smart technologies for smart society, building bridges between everyday processes and activities, and new solutions based on modern devices and algorithms. As a result of my professional network connections globally and experience in different sectors Government, Academia, Business, and Industry, I am active in making global policy (ITU, G20, IEEE. . . ). I focus on how to enable modern technologies and set of services as Smart Cities, Smart Grid, Green ICT, and all other services aligned with the UN 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The role in IEEE has helped me to expand my knowledge and network with experts from all over the world and to collaborate with them on transforming our world by following the goals defined in UN Agenda 2030 for a Sustainable Development. In the last several years, I’m actively promoting the concept of the Smart Society in the 21st century what understands the idea of Technology for Humanity, Sustainable Development, and Smart Society and agitating for the change leadership. I believe that leading by example is the most successful way to effectively influencing society. I launched several initiatives in the region. I drove a few international experts working groups in the IEEE and ITU on Cybersecurity and Smart Cities standardization and implementation. Through my international experience, I got familiar with the digital transformation processes in other more developed countries and the ecosystem required for their successful implementation. Having that in mind, the biggest challenge after moving back to Bosnia and Herzegovina was to launch the process of reformation in the local ecosystem and society. I joined the Communications Regulatory Agency Bosnia and Herzegovina (CRA BH) as the national authority body for electronic communications. From the perspective of the government institution, I have significantly con- tributed to launching significant projects in the country as the 4G mobile systems, DVB-T national terrestrial TV transmitting, signing the Roaming Agreement for the Western Balkans moving this region closer to the single digital market, all in 2019. I led a group of engineers in the EU Interreg MED Esmartcity initiative in developing the product specifications, architecture, designs, schedules and cost references, management to maintenance of the first fully-operational smart city service in the Western Balkans region: ”Smart Lights of East Sarajevo” implemented in May 2019 in East Sarajevo in the municipality of East Ilidza. The above mentioned initiatives have strongly depended on my political and engineering connections from all around the world. Through development phases it became always clear how the technology and politics should join the forces and pursue common goals and vision. My goal is to find the best way for the successful Digital Transformation on a more acceptable and understandable way for a wider population without technical education, and I’m honored and delighted to work on my goal step by step through the EU Digital Agenda 2020 and the Digital Agenda for the Western Balkans. I find that technology is not the purpose of itself. However, also it is an opportunity to build an affirmative business and entrepreneurship ecosystem, make this society happier, enhance education, and teach each other tolerance and respecting the speech and all forms of freedom. Living, traveling and working abroad made me an open-minded person adaptable to the new working environ- ment and different business ecosystems, but also very familiar with different working cultures and mentalities in general. Working in fundamentals engineering research in the academic community, in the industry, and working for the National Regulatory Authority for Telecommunication in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the authority established by the Government, helped me to understand the problems from very different perspectives and taught me to find a multi-stakeholder approach and solution.

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